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Talented individuals working in fields of Information Technology, teaching, business and communication. We at Falcon Hunt have provided platforms to local and international institutes for conducting tests and quizzes online. 

Teachers at falcon hunt are second to none in their respective domains and have decades of experience to teach and evaluate pupils.

  • Our major projects include:
  • Online Aptitude Testing System for research scientist of University of Florida, Tampa USA.
  • Online Evaluation System for leading academy in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Learning Portal for National Public School in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Conducting online mock test for entry test preparation institutes.


Pakistan is facing crucial challenges in providing formal education for its people especially children. Aside from being among the countries with the world’s highest out of school population, more than half are unable to read and write. The government of Pakistan attributes these poor education outcomes to low financing, weak management and all above insufficient budget. Education is a great equalizer, and it has potential to reduce economic disparity within Pakistani population.
Falcon Hunt is on a mission to spend a part of its profit to give basic education to children of Pakistan so that they can read and write.

As technology is transforming rapidly, it is essential for the students to have computer’s knowledge and practical skills.

In recent times, there has been widespread interest from Pakistan’s government and educators in identifying a model of learning and assessment in primary as well as higher education that meets the challenges of learning in the digital world and prepare students for uncertain future. Falcon Hunt strives to give a model for assessments that will help the students to become comfortable with the technology.

We love mathematics and we want Pakistani pupils to understand how mathematics applies in daily life, nature laws, foster their capacity to determine joy and fulfillment through intellectual exercises and show that mathematics is important in every part of life.

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